taxeswhiteIncome Taxes

Hoffman & Associates handles all types of Income Taxes. Mike Hoffman personally handles and oversees all returns sent out from this office. He prepares all individual returns and not just local clients but also clients as far away as Dubai, Italy, France, England, Hong Kong, Australia, plus any state of the U.S.A.



Quick, correct, and hands-off by the clients as much as they require. Our prices are lower than the big guys. We provide a different way to recieve paychecks: We write the checks, we fax the stubs for client to write checks, and deposit electronically for employee’s.

Payroll taxes can be as simple as the client doesn’t have to touch any payroll deposits.


Accounting/Bookkeeping accounting

Currently Hoffman and Associates handles only 150 monthly businesses both large and small. We use a different type of accounting system to serve our clients. We set up at your business if needed the Accounting Program of Quickbooks and oversee on an as need basis. We use a local Accounting program which is flexible enough to handle any accounting needs.


financetaxconsultingFinancial & Tax Consulting

Currently Hoffman and Associates offers this free time to review any problems or questions you may have. Please call or email today to schedule a time.


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